Star News Daily – Chautauqua County NY
February 22, 2013

What Makes Chautauqua County Great?
By Patricia Pihl

“In a report given to the Chautauqua County Department of Planning and Development, Portland residents Brenda J. Hayes, Ph.D. and David Bryant, Ph.D., explain findings of hours of interviews conducted to determine the reasons people relocate to the County. 

The pair identified seven common reasons given by individuals who were either first-time residents or those who had returned home after living away.”

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Star News Daily – Chutauqua County NY
January 11, 2012

Finding Your Best Life Through A Personal Coach
By Patricia Pihl

Life is an on-going process of change and who doesn’t want to improve upon some aspect of it? Just ask Brenda Hayes, Ph.D., a personal coach who practices in Fredonia.

Unlike counseling, where there is usually a mental health diagnosis, personal coaching according to Hayes, “bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to be in your personal or professional life, focusing on strengths and options rather than problems.” Hayes says the field evolved out of a business model that helped people in work situations to reach their maximum potential. If a person is experiencing more severe mental health problems, she recommends that they see a licensed mental health provider, rather than a coach.

Her chosen tagline, “change across the lifespan,” reflects that change is continual and the way that we deal with those changes has an enormous impact on the quality of our life.

Hayes says that she is actually surprised at the number of people who have chosen to use her coaching, both on an individual basis and through her workshops. She also helps individuals evaluate areas of their life though a “wheel” of life exercise where they can rank their level of satisfaction with each life area including health, work, finances, personal growth, spirituality, significant relationship, family and friends.

To those who are considering hiring a coach, she says “consider it as a gift to yourself; it will help you get organized on what your priorities are and what kind of energy you want to put into it.”

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The OBSERVER – Dunkirk NY
November 27, 2011

Coming home

Dr. Brenda Hayes was raised in Brocton on a bucolic lakeside property. In 2006 she returned to her home base, seeking a simpler style of living and reconnection with family and community. She had earned her MS in marriage and family counseling and her Ph.D. in human development at Virginia Tech before going on to a successful 35-year career in Philadelphia as an individual and family mental health professional and consultant to schools, businesses and community organizations.

But it is here in Chautauqua County where she has recommitted herself and her new practice as a personal coach, promoting positive health and wellness.

Hayes is currently applying her own personal experience of moving back to the area to a new endeavor with David Bryant. They are in the process of interviewing 100 people who have moved to Chautauqua County in the past 10 years. Their survey seeks to identify why these people decided to move and stay here and what they love most about living here. An enticing introductory draft reads: “A quiet movement has begun in the county. Slowly, and without fanfare, people are choosing to relocate here, in some cases to their roots, and in some cases as relative newcomers.”

We will have to stay tuned for the result but for those of us in the area there are still many benefits to harvest from Hayes’ return to Brocton. Welcome home, Brenda Hayes: parent, grandparent, family caretaker, home rebuilder, farmer, counselor, business consultant, personal coach, board member, Rotarian, Leaguer, professional altruist. Welcome home to Chautauqua County!

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The OBSERVER – Dunkirk NY
August 24, 2011

New board member joins Hospital Foundation

Brenda J. Hayes was welcomed as a new board member from the Brocton/Portland area at the August Westfield Memorial Hospital Foundation meeting.

“The foundation is pleased to have Dr. Hayes on board, giving the foundation representation in the Brocton area,” said Rose Van Volkenburg, foundation board president. “Brenda will bring significant strength and expertise to our board with her wealth of educational and business experience. She will be a wonderful asset.”

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The OBSERVER – Dunkirk NY
March 28, 2011

Brenda Hayes offers spring workshops in new format

Brenda J. Hayes, Ph.D., will offer workshops this spring with a new location and format. The workshops are offered as part of the Westfield Academy & Central School Community Education Program and will be held in the school’s Large Group Instruction Room. 

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American Association of University Women of New York State (AAUW)
Emerging Leader Award, 2009

The Dunkirk-Fredonia Branch is proud to nominate Brenda Hayes for the Emerging Leader Award.  As a new member of AAUW, she spearheaded our Advocacy Project.  Brenda organized and chaired a committee of AAUW members who worked with the staff of the Dunkirk Boys and Girls Club to design a program that targeted middle schools girls and the barriers they face that hinder their academic success.  The culminating activity was a field trip to Jamestown Community College.  This successful program really highlighted Brenda’s leadership qualities.

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